Friday, August 18, 2006

Diabetes Educators Online

Your diabetes educator may soon be as near as a visit to a webpage. The award-winning diabetes consumer resource dLife1, which debuted in January last year, has offered to build a professional website for any diabetes educator who makes a request - free of charge.

dLife has already set up 7,500 sites, so your diabetes educator may already be online. If not, you can direct them to dLife's registration site:

From dLife's blog:

"As soon as your educator sets up their site, you have access to it 24/7 to get diabetes information; check support group and class topics, times, and locations; make appointments; download logs and charts; tune into dLifeTV segments; and read blogs and expert columns. Tell your educator about it today!"


1 dLife is a division of LifeMed Media, Inc.