Saturday, January 27, 2007

Protect Your Feet

Sam, over on the chat board, recommended rubbing petroleum jelly on your feet to protect them, as well as wearing comfortable socks that are "Not too tight in the ankles! Don't ever impede your circulation." This is great advice.

Foot problems are common complications of diabetes. Managing blood glucose is the best way to prevent them. But conscientious foot care ranks up there with BG control as necessary for staving off effects of nerve damage and poor circulation ... conditions at the root of foot problems for people with diabetes.

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) list these tips:

- Check your feet every day.
- Wash your feet every day.
- Keep the skin soft and smooth.
- Smooth corns and calluses gently.
- Trim your toenails each week or when needed.
- Wear shoes and socks at all times.
- Protect your feet from hot and cold.

For more tips along with more specific care instructions, visit the NDEP's Foot Care site.